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Mame punctuates this monologue with a mame and excusable “My land! With that Mame sheds the throw-scarf and tosses her velvet tam on the table.

Mame—Mame and her kaleidoscope romances, insults, and adventures? And in the course of the morning I heard the story of Mame’s life. At least Mame has a tongue of her own she is only too glad of a chance to use. Mame was very satisfied with the impression she must have made. Every five minutes Mame thought she heard a burglar or somethin’.

You’re new suit is beautiful, Mame,” said Sara over her shoulder. Mame Cross had been forbidden by her father to play any but practice games. Erma and Mame in company with Berenice walked on down the corridor. Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones. What Character Was Removed from the Alphabet?