I Wanna Rock

  • Posted on March 8, 2018 at 5:25 PM

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The Beach Boys Love You is the 21st studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released on April 11, 1977. Love You has been recognized as a work of “proto-synth pop,” a forerunner to new wave experiments, and an idiosyncratic and creative oddity in the Beach Boys’ canon. Ten years ago, I had resolved I wasn’t going to tour, that I was much better off, I assumed, at home, in an environment where I could create music. Then, the guys in the group said, “Hey Brian, would you help us? We think your presence on the road would improve the quality of the show and help sell tickets.

Another reason was that my psychiatrist wished I would do something to keep me from sitting on my ass, to keep me from going insane. On November 27, 1976, eleven days after compiling the first rough mix of the Love You demos, Wilson made a solo appearance on Saturday Night Live at the instigation of Landy to promote the upcoming album by performing Beach Boys oldies and the work-in-progress track “Love Is a Woman”. Brian Wilson behind the mixing board of Brother Studios, circa 1976. I would sit in there with Brian for his morning session, which ran from 10 a. Nobody else wanted to get up that early. And nobody else wanted to sit around if Brian didn’t have anything to do. I got paid to do that.

Containing 12 of songs the Beach Boys had worked on throughout 1976 and 1977, the album also sourced two tracks from earlier recording sessions. Carl Wilson remixed the completed material in January 1977, overdubbing elements such as guitar and extra percussion to complement the idiosyncratic sound of the songs. For these contributions, he was credited as the album’s mixdown producer. I worked specifically at getting the lyrics right, so that the lyrics would be interesting enough to listen to. Like, “I love to pick you up because you’re still a baby to me”—you know, things like that.

Mankey considered Love You to be “lighthearted” on the surface, but a “serious, autobiographical” work that could be compared somewhat to Eraserhead. Over a duelling synthesizer arrangement, Dennis and Brian Wilson share the lead vocal in this sample of “I’ll Bet He’s Nice”. This vocal exchange is a trait that is common on much of Love You. On this particular track, presets from the ARP Pro Soloist were used. Side A opens with two rockers, the first of which, “Let Us Go On This Way”, was written by Brian and Mike Love after they found the album sounded too “deadpan”. The fourth track, “Johnny Carson”, is a “pivot point” of the album, wrote Carlin. From there it just got weirder.