Blank – Various – Doorslam

  • Posted on March 1, 2018 at 7:45 AM

You need to login to do this. Blank – Various – Doorslam Displacement: As usually happens when a non-superhero comic is adapted. Season 2 and a Governor fangirl in Season 3, many fans still felt sorry when she was ultimately bitten.

The Load, but even many of his haters were mortified by his brutally graphic death. The Load and for being Genre Blind when it came to facing the walkers. The Load, an unpleasant jackass who made viewers want to throw up with his constant ugly grimace, and was dubbed “Son of Porchdick” by the fandom. Jadis is not popular at all, but her being forced to kill her entire reanimated group after Simon murders them all makes her quite sympathetic thanks to Pollyanna Mc Intosh’s great acting. Better Angels”, is he mocking Rick because he thinks he can’t do it or does he want Rick to do it out of guilt?

On a related note, did Rick really kill Shane for the sake of the group, or was it all for the sake of securing leadership and his claim on Lori? Is Andrea The Load or an Action Woobie? Early episodes made fans wonder whether Rick is an effective leader or a fine example of Good Is Dumb? Later episodes have him straddling the line between anti-hero and nominal hero. Woodbury because she doesn’t want security and civilization to diminish her role as a sword-wielding badass.

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