Rocks Off – The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St.

  • Posted on March 1, 2018 at 7:06 AM

Randy Travis – Greatest Hits Number Nr. Above and below you can see the same room where Keith and his entourage were once hanging out, in between the mirrored French doors. The new owner is not particularly welcoming to Rolling Stones fans but despite the house being heavily guarded, I found these current photographs of the rocks Off – The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St. floating around on the internet likely taken at the time of the sale. This photograph of the mansion’s entrance was taken by an Italian Rolling Stones fan site in 2008, which appears to have gained access to Nellcôte during a period when the house was unoccupied, perhaps under renovation.

While most visitors can only manage a token snap in front of the property gates at No. After finding his temporary new home in the South of France, Richard’s partner, actress and model Anita Pallenberg soon joined her famous rockstar with the couple’s son. She was fresh out of rehab. To fuel the couple’s heroin habit, Keith set up a supply chain with the Corsican mafia based out of nearby Marseille.

John Lennon is said to have partied with the band at Villa Nellcôte and Mick Jagger is rumoured to have bedded Anita there, reigniting his alleged affair in 1968 with Keith’s longtime partner, which Keith himself later confirmed in a biography. Darker accusations from American journalist Robert Greenfield, who briefly spent some time at Nellcôte and wrote an entire book about the band’s album, claim that Anita once encouraged an employee’s young daughter to inject heroin for the first time. There were 16 people for lunch, and lunch went on for three-and-a-half hours. It was an unparalleled cast of characters. Before the Stones moved in, the house’s history is a little murky following World War II when the Nazi Gestapo used it as their headquarters in the early 1940s. I found a box down there with a big swastika on it, full of injection phials. If Keith had found this box.

So one night we carried it to the end of the garden, and threw it into the sea. When Jagger married Nicaraguan model Bianca at a small whitewashed hillside chapel in St. Tropez, Keith Richards reportedly showed up to the groom’s dressing room in full Nazi SS uniform. The story doesn’t specify whether he discovered the uniform at Nellcôte, but Richards was apparently highly intrigued by the mansion’s sinister history and agreed to rent the house because of it. He was of course referring to the infamous studio where the band recorded, soundproofed with cheap carpeting and outfitted with equipment from the Stones’ mobile studio which was brought over from England.

But with Richards’ ever-present entourage of hanger-ons and drug dealers, nearly half of the furniture was missing from the house by the time their stay was over. Wyman of Nellcôte, who often found himself the only one showing up for their scheduled nighttime recording sessions in the mansion’s basement. In 1973, Richards and his partner Anita were both charged with possession of heroin and intent to traffic following a police raid on Nellcôte. Keith was banned from entering France for two years, which meant no touring there for the band either. Photograph taken by Rolling Stones Italia.