Teenage Prostitute

  • Posted on March 1, 2018 at 6:53 AM

After England’s woeful World Cup performance, you might expect the overpaid ‘stars’ to be keeping a low profile. Instead, players have been photographed falling teenage Prostitute of nightclubs, smoking and  –  in Wayne Rooney’s case  –  urinating in the street. Now 6ft 7in striker Peter Crouch has taken matters to a new low and has been left fighting for his relationship with fianceé Abbey Clancy after being accused of cheating on her with a teenage prostitute.

Last night Crouch’s spokesman was unavailable and his Premier League club, Tottenham Hotspur, refused to comment. Model Abbey, 24, is said to be furious after hearing about her fiancé’s alleged betrayal and is believed to have called Crouch and screamed: ‘I can’t believe this. Am I not good enough for you? And a friend of Abbey, who Crouch became engaged 13 months ago, said: ‘Abigail is utterly devastated. How would anyone feel at learning that? The couple have a home in Surrey but yesterday Miss Clancy was away in Manchester filming her satellite series Great British Hairdresser. She and Crouch spoke by phone yesterday but the friend said Miss Clancy would not make any decision regarding their future until she had spoken with the footballer face-to-face.

A friend said: ‘She tried to put a brave face on things and got through the day as best as she could like a professional but you could see she was in pieces from the news. Abbey doesn’t know what to think and feels really hurt. And when she left filming last night she was still wearing her engagement ring. The allegations against Crouch emerged as he was dropped from the England squad on Saturday following the team’s World Cup failure and Spurs appeared to be moving towards selling him. The affair is reported to have taken place after Crouch, 29, went on a stag weekend to Madrid ahead of the wedding of school friend Ed Aitkin. 6million fortune, arrived in Spain on Friday, July 16 – a year to the day after he and Miss Clancy announced their engagement. The liaison with the 19-year-old Algerian-born prostitute is said to have taken place in the early hours of the next day after.