Women – Crass – The Feeding Of The 5000

  • Posted on March 1, 2018 at 6:40 AM

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Please forward this error screen to 208. Follow the link for more information. This article is about the band. For the definition of “crass”, see crass. Crass spray-painted stencilled graffiti messages in the London Underground system and on advertising billboards, coordinated squats and organised political action. The band was critical of the punk subculture and youth culture in general.

Nevertheless, the anarchist ideas that they promoted have maintained a presence in punk. Crass played two gigs at the Roxy Club in Covent Garden, London. They introduced their stage backdrop, a logo designed by Rimbaud’s friend Dave King. This gave the band a militaristic image, which led to accusations of fascism. A re-recorded, extended version of “Asylum”, renamed “Reality Asylum”, was shortly afterwards released on Crass Records as a 7″ single and Crass were investigated by the police due to the song’s lyrics. Poison Girls, a band with whom they regularly appeared. 20,000 to fund the Wapping Autonomy Centre.

Rival Tribal Rebel Revel”, a flexi disc single given away with the Toxic Grafity fanzine, was also a commentary about the events at Conway Hall attacking the mindless violence and tribalistic aspects of contemporary youth culture. Crass released their third album, Penis Envy, in 1981. This marked a departure from the hardcore-punk image The Feeding of the 5000 and Stations of the Crass had given the group. The last track on Penis Envy, a parody of an MOR love song entitled “Our Wedding”, was made available as a white flexi disc to readers of Loving, a teenage romance magazine.