A Bird In The Hand – Frank Ifield – Call Her Your Sweetheart

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Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Heart? I’ll Keep You Satisfied: Billy J. In November 2004, Rolling Stone ranked “She Loves You” number 64 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In Canada, the song was included on the album Twist and Shout. In the US, it was the final song on The Beatles’ Second Album. And she told me what to say. That kind of little detail is still in his work.

He will write a story about someone. I’m more inclined to write about myself. Lennon, being mindful of Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up”, wanted something equally as stirring: “I don’t know where the ‘yeah yeah yeah’ came from I remember when Elvis did ‘All Shook Up’ it was the first time in my life that I had heard ‘uh huh’, ‘oh yeah’, and ‘yeah yeah’ all sung in the same song”. The “yeah, yeah, yeah” refrain proved an immediate, effective, infectious musical hook. Unusually, the song starts with the hook right away, instead of introducing it after a verse or two. The arrangement starts with a two-count of Ringo Starr’s drums, and his fills are an important part of the record throughout. George Martin, the Beatles’ producer, questioned the validity of the major sixth chord that ends the song, an idea suggested by George Harrison.

The song was recorded on 1 July 1963 using a two-track recording machine, less than a week after it was written. Documentation regarding the number of takes required and other recording details does not exist. Mixing was carried out on 4 July. Beatles records in Germany would be to re-record them in the German language.

On 23 August 1963, the “She Loves You” single was released in the United Kingdom with “I’ll Get You” as the B-side. There was tremendous anticipation ahead of the release—thousands of fans had ordered the group’s next single as early as June, well before a title had been known. By the day before it went on sale, some 500,000 advanced orders had been placed for it. It was the best-selling single of 1963, and is the Beatles’ all-time best-selling single in the UK.

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